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Rocky's Alaskan Book is more than an Alaska hunting or fishing book.  It is about regular folks hunting and fishing at our beautiful Holitna River Alaskan Hunting and Fishing Lodge. Check out our hunting videos & slide show.  If you don't have Microsoft power point & are using the MSN or Internet Explorer Browsers only then click here. Once loaded click on controls at bottom or slides on left.  Click here for info on buying "Wild Men, Wild Alaska" by Rocky McElveen.

 A Guided Hunt with registered Alaska Hunting Guide Rocky McElveen can make you one of the few fortunate ones able to reach the remote areas that are home to Moose, Caribou, Black Bear, Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Dahl Sheep, and Alaskan Timber wolf.  Using high powered Super Cub planes with tundra tires or floats, we are able to track and position the select few who truly want Alaska trophy hunting.  Our spike camps are carefully scouted and selected to produce quality hunts.
Our exclusive main lodge on the beautiful Holitna River is in the middle of big game country. We can easily stage from there with short fly-outs for awesome hunting, and you have a warm shower, great food, and even a satellite phone  available to you when you finish your hunt. Often there is time to enjoy the great fishing we have right at the lodge. 5 varieties of salmon, trophy northern pike, and delicious Sheefish. 

Boat load of caribou horns

trophy moose

There are no other lodges near us on this fabulous river. It is part of the larger Kuskokwim system.  If you are going to go to Alaska, See the Real Alaska! Don't settle for drive up lodges and tourist traps!

We will also clean your animal with the option of caping the hide, and packing the meat to Cub plane accessibility.  We provide meat transportation from the field to our fully equipped lodge.  Our main lodge has private baths, carpet, well appointed private rooms, freezers for meat, tackle and fishing equipment, gift items, and wonderful down home meals.

We provide all tents (guide tents) and sleeping bags (although to be honest, I suggest for personal comfort you bring your own sleeping bag). We provide pads, food, cooking utensils, stoves, backpacks, & all of your necessary equipment for a successful safe trophy hunt.  

Better lock your tent at night!!

From the owner..."In mid-August through early alaska caribou herdSeptember trophy caribou start their annual migration and rut.   The U-shaped horns with mass and symmetry are characteristics of the Mulchatna Herd.  We have many caribou in the record books. I need to 'knock on wood' but in the past my percentage of hunters to kill ratio is over 100 percent, with many hunters taking two caribou."

A potential World Record Grizzly was taken by one of Rocky's clients in August of 2006.  Mike Moore, an all-star professional baseball player was the happy hunter.  The huge grizzly is currently pending certification by officials.  Bears range in a wide area and so this bear may or may not be officially recognized due to recent changes in determining what the type of bear is based solely on the location killed and not the actually physical characteristics of the bear.  Had it been eating a couple of miles further north as it no doubt did on many occasions and bagged there it would be a new world record for an interior grizzly.  All those involved know in their heart it should listed as the largest grizzly ever taken.

Guided Hunts Tags and licenses must be bought prior to arrival at Alaskan-Adventures.  Purchase Online! Guided hunts offer a lot of advantages:  1. You will have an experienced Guide for your primary target animal.  2. Your animal is expertly cleaned and packed out for you to your camp site. Game bags, meat salt, meals, and all equipment is provided. 3. If you harvest your primary target animal your guided hunt is concluded, but you can choose to remain in the field and hunt any other animals you may have tags for.  If you return to the lodge you can enjoy fishing, guided or unguided, home cooked meals, and hot showers, without incurring extra charges.

Type of Guided Hunt


Price/Tag Fee (approx.)




Trophy Caribou 6 days/nights $4,995 / $325
Trophy Moose 6 days/nights $12,500 / $400
Trophy Dahl Sheep** 7 days/nights $11,500 / $425
Brown/Grizzly Bear** 7 days/nights $11,500 / $500
Black Bear only! 6 days/nights $6,350 / $225
Combination Hunts Varied Priced per request
Hunting License Season 85.00
Alaskan Hunting/Fishing Combo License  (14 Day) $100.00 approx.
**Note: Prices do include R/T Aniak to Holitna Lodge. Prices do not include excess weight over 40 lbs, or any fish/meat haul from the Lodge to Aniak, Lake Clark, or Anchorage. Commercial flights can be arranged through your favorite travel agent, or see our Resources page for info. See possible extra costs page for more information

Click here to apply online for a hunting license and tags.

Unguided Hunts

Alaskan-Adventures Unguided Hunting!!


Unguided Moose, Caribou, or Black Bear hunting combined with excellent fishing is staged from either our Holitna Lodge or from one of our registered field camps. The great advantage of our locations is a well stocked private remote lodge in heavily populated game areas. You can run rivers for hundreds of miles in unbelievable game country. Click here to see all the varieties of animals and details about each that saturate our area. We also offer Unguided Hunting and Fishing combo packages.

We are well equipped to launch boats and planes from our private air strips at our primary lodge.  We have a dozen river boats and well maintained motors for those who enjoy the Alaskan river hunt. When the river hunting is hot, there is almost no more exciting hunt, and the pack is usually only a few feet!! Big game however are unpredictable. That is why we have a well maintained landing strip at our lodge allowing us to move you quickly with our Super Cubs to mountain or interior hunting. If you book a river hunt and for any reason decide that you want to go on a fly out to a spike camp we have devised a program to assist you. Even though our costs almost certainly will exceed the extra fees involved, (our flying costs frequently exceed $10,000 a week) we have decided to put our primary focus on satisfied clients.  That is why we have so many repeat customers.

alaska bull moose

Accordingly, we will modify river hunting pkgs for an incredibly low extra fee of $750 (per pers/ 2 pers min) for distances up to a 30 mile radius and $950 (per pers/2 pers min), 30 to 50 mile radius. We will re-package your trip at the lodge and get you out to a drop camp. This creates extra scheduling and work, but you can confidently book a river hunt and know if the animals are not cooperating, you still have additional options. We know of no other lodge in Alaska that'll do this for their clients. Flying costs alone for a drop camp cost Alaskan Adventures well over $2,000. We will work hard to give you a great trip. River hunting has some very special charms. It is warmer than in the hills and excellent fishing all up and down the targeted rivers.

alaskan caribou

From the owner..."Challenge yourself to an unguided hunt on our Alaskan rivers where the pack can be from the edge of the river to your boat!  For the hardy, let us take you to the mountains or foothills where spotting and walking rule the day.  River hunting or mountain hunting, we commit to placing you to the best of our ability so you have the best chance for success." River hunts allow you much more movement and you are also more in charge of when you want to break camp and return to the lodge.

Alaskan Bull Caribu Trophy Alaskan Caribou


Many old timers in Alaska prefer river hunting over all the rest.  As you can see, each type of hunting or fishing package offers its own special charms. At the camp sites we supply guide tents, sleeping bags, (although I do suggest you bring your own sleeping bag for additional comfort), food, camp stoves, cooking utensils, and miscellaneous camping gear to insure that your camp is fully supported.  Fly bys and routine checks are a standard part of our policy. We want you to enjoy the wilderness but also feel secure.

Unguided Hunts, Important Information!: Tags and licenses must be bought prior to arrival at Alaskan-Adventures.  Purchase Online! Unguided Hunts are often the most rewarding because each person relies on their own skill. Success provides memories and pride in the accomplishment.  This is especially true when buddies share the experience and spend 4- 7 days in remote Alaska! In fact many times hunters report that this experience becomes almost spiritual in nature as the unnatural quiet and peace permeate you. Unguided hunts basically consist of flying out immediately or within a day after arrival at the lodge, weather permitting. You and your buddies will typically be at your drop camp for a minimum of 4 days and often 5 or 6, giving you plenty of time to harvest that big game animal!! Equipment, food and tents are provided, except you must provide your own official Alaska game bags, and we suggest you bring your own sleeping bag (to insure personal comfort) or ship them prior.  We recommend you order game bags online and have them shipped to the Holitna Lodge: Alaskan-Adventures PO Box 90 mile 36 Sleetmute, Alaska.  We suggest the following bags: AMP7 Alaska Pack - 7 bag package which includes bags, tags, and gloves. This will handle 2 Caribou or 1 moose. The MEC460 4 pack will handle one animal and the ATB3648 is great for cape/hide transportation. These bags are designed for the specific animal you will hunt and even include the proper forms for transporting your animal. They are set up like a kit. Those not having the official game bags will be charged for them on site and the price in the field is double or triple what it will cost you to order them and have them sent ahead of time. It also is one less thing to pack!! Please do not bring homemade or unofficial bags. Weather permitting, your campsite will be checked (flown by) periodically and a simple system of flag signals will be used to communicate w/ the pilot, (two way radios in the field are illegal). Unscheduled landings and early fly outs are possible, but will result in substantial additional charges, because of the extra costs and scheduling changes this creates for Alaskan-Adventures. Bringing you back early will usually cost an extra $100.00 for the unscheduled landing. Once you return to the lodge then fishing is a wonderful option and our fees are very reasonable.  Unguided fishing is $150.00 min per day per boat, and guided fishing is $300 min per day per boat. If you share a boat, or share a guide and a boat, w/ several buddies, then this can be very economical.  If you are sure that you will be hunting and fishing, then you might want to look at our new hunting and fishing combination packages below and avoid these extra costs.

Type of Unguided Hunt Location Price
. . .

Moose (State Restrictions Apply)

Fly out Drop Camp $8,995 Ea/2 Pers Min
Caribou or Black Bear Fly out Drop Camp $3,495 Ea/2 Pers Min

Remote Cabins or Tent, Boats

River Hunting/Fishing $4,395 Ea/2 Pers Min
Spring Black Bear Holitna Retreat $2,395 Ea/2 Pers Min

 Unguided Caribou and Guided Fishing Combo

Fly Out Drop Camp/Holitna Lodge $4,295 Ea/2 Pers Min

Unguided Black Bear and Guided Fishing Combo

Fly Out Drop Camp/Holitna Lodge $6,295 Ea/2 Pers Min


Varied Priced Per Request
Alaskan Hunting License (Season)  (Combo: $100) $85 approx.
Alaskan Fishing License  (14 Day) $55 approx.
**Note: Prices do not include excess weight/or fish/meat haul. Customer is responsible for R/T airfare to the lodge hunting or fishing from. Commercial flights can be arranged through your favorite travel agent. See Resources page for more info, and What to bring on your Alaskan Trip! See possible extra costs page for more information about additional expenses.


On Request: We enjoy customizing hunting and fishing packages to fit your needs.  Guided hunting or unguided!

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